Boy Band

As our name suggests, the 9 of us light-heartedly think of ourselves as a ‘boy band’, even though our average age is 72-ish!  We sing a range of popular songs dating mostly from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

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We formed following an impromptu singalong in the local pub after a Good Company rehearsal and called ourselves No Direction.  Our Musical Director, Linda, heard us and suggested we perform in the next concert, and since then we have become a regular feature of the Good Company programme. Subsequently Linda has suggested that, since we appear to be improving, we should change our name to ‘Some Direction’ - watch this space!!

As well as being members of Good Company, we perform in our own right raising money at charity events throughout the area. To date we have raised approximately £1500 which has benefitted, among others, prostate cancer research and St Basil’s, a Midlands-based charity offering support to homeless young people.  We have also raised funds to help provide specialist care for a young man with critical needs, for the purchase of a defibrillator, and for one of the local churches.

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We have sung in the wards at QE Hospital, and played live on Birmingham Hospitals radio as part of their Music Day. In September 2019 we performed in the Gracechurch Centre as part of the BBC Music Day when £849 was raised to support the charity "Home Instead Senior Care".

One of our most rewarding ‘gigs’ was to perform at the Memory Lane Cafe, based at the National Memorial Arboretum, where our music elicited positive responses from the members of the audience living with dementia.

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We visited a local recording studio and produced a CD featuring many of our most popular numbers; donations made for these are currently around £250 which will be given to charity.